Message fromHead of the Office

Dr. Rabeya Nasrin Akhand
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Dr. Rabeya Nasrin Akhand

Head of the Office, Medical Center, Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology, Gazipur.

Senior Medical Officer, Medical Center, Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology, Gazipur.

From the Desk of Head of the Office

DUET Medical Centre is placed in the ground floor of Library building which is situated in the Middle of this well-looking natural green University Campus. Where we provide efficient health care services for all the DUETIANS (Students, Teachers, Officers, Employees & Others) 24/7. We have a proficient health care team along with our 04 doctors, 02 Nurses, Senior Pharmaceutical Officer, Technical Officer (Lab), Assistant Technical Officer (Lab), Assistant Technical Officer (Pharmacy), Junior Store Officer (Medical store) and a compounder. They provide better health care services in this 09 roomed medical center and even residential services in case of medical emergencies. We also provide pathological services which includes more than 40 essential tests. We Work here with a vision of comprehensive and rehabilitative health care services and with a mission of disease-free environment for better health, modern diagnostic facilities, improve services for physical and mental wellbeing and implement preventive, social and community based health care services, encourage people for maintaining healthy life through changing lifestyle, dietary habits and environment, train medical staffs for familiarizing themselves with the latest development in medical practices and treatment. 

We wish all the DUETIANS live a healthy and soulful life. 

Best wishes
Dr. Rabeya Nasrin Akhand