Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (MME)

Materials and Metallurgical Engineering is a highly diversified and creative field of engineering, devoted to reveal the properties of materials by using the principles of physical and natural sciences and then make them suitable for a particular application by optimizing engineering and technological aspects. It encompasses all natural and man-made materials-their extraction, synthesis, processing, properties, characterization, and development for technological applications. A strong emphasis is laid on designing of such systems of Man-Machine-symbiosis, which facilitate optimum utilization of scarce resources.

The analyses of materials are done at best at atomic level investigations as the greatest discoveries would suggest. Atomic level study of materials discloses the way atoms are arranged in general or under different circumstances in a material, how they react upon the application of force, heat, environmental variation, electric field, etc., and how their arrangement changes with materials processing. Such approach eases the understanding of structure-property relationships and helps to develop new materials for structural, mechanical, electrical, chemical and environmental applications. Advanced engineering activities that depend upon optimized materials include the medical device and healthcare industries, the energy industries, electronics and photonics, transportation, advanced batteries, fuel cells, and nanotechnology.

The Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, DUET, Gazipur has been offering Under- graduate Program (B. Sc in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering) since its inception of 2019. The course curricula have been designed compatible to the existing and emerging needs of the industry. The autonomy of the University is a privilege to the department in terms of flexibility provided to add, modify and revise courses/syllabi at different time intervals to cater contemporary needs of the industrial concerns. The laboratories have also been initiated and modernized with the assistance of government and UGC. The department shows no hesitation in imbibing valuable suggestions of eminent experts from World class Institutions while framing teaching schemes or course curricula.

Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering is quite energetic and experienced. Culture of teamwork predominates in the department. Also, there is a cordial work environment between the faculty and the students. Adequate inputs of practical training, industrial training, case studies, and project work and computer applications are given to support core theory courses.

Our Vision

To be a center of excellence for world-class education, research and innovation in the field of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering for sustainable development.

Our Mission

  • To provide interactive environment for world-class education, research and innovation in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering.
  • To produce efficient Materials and Metallurgical engineers possessed of ethical values, practical knowledge and skills that meet the emerging demands.
  • To enhance collaboration for research and innovation in the field of materials and metallurgical engineering.
  • To provide relevant technical advisory services in the best interests of national and international communities.