Institute of Energy Engineering Energy Engineering Energy Engineering (IEE)

The Institute of Energy Engineering (IEE) is one of the neoteric institutes at Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET), Gazipur. It has been established by the Syndicate of DUET as constituent research and academic institute with a separate Board of Governors. The purpose of the Institute is to keep pace with regional and global research and higher education in clean energy production, energy efficiency, energy conservation, energy storage, energy management and other related fields of Energy Engineering.

The Institute ensures the state-of-the-art research and education facilities that include Solar and Wind Energy laboratory, Fuel and Engine laboratory, Energy storage laboratory, Energy and process control instrumentation laboratory, Waste to energy laboratory, Energy and Environmental Simulation Laboratory and Energy materials laboratory. Through these facilities a large number of highly educated and qualified man power in the field of Energy Engineering will be produced every year, who will contribute to the development of national and international energy sector through proper theoretical and applied knowledge.

Our Vision

To be the center of excellence for world class education, research and innovation in energy engineering for solving the present and future challenges.

Our Mission

  • To provide advanced research facilities for enhancing efficiency of energy systems while maximizing the synergies of alternative energy sources.
  • To produce efficient energy professionals endowed with practical knowledge, skills and ethical values based on emerging demands.
  • To facilitate knowledge creation and technology transfer engaging the relevant organizations, research institutions and industries.
  • To provide advisory services in energy engineering at national and international levels.