Department of Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry (CHEM)

The  Department  of  Chemistry  is  one  of the non-degree awarding  departments  at  DUET, Gazipur which came into full-fledged department in 1980.  The department has been offering both the theoretical and practical courses in Chemistry to the undergraduate level of Engineering students from the very beginning. From 2010, the department has embarked postgraduate program (M.S., M. Phil & Ph. D) on the basis of both fulltime as well as part-time studentship. Here, research especially in the postgraduate level is one of the prime focuses and the research activities in the department are being conducted in all the main branches of chemistry; namely Physical, Inorganic, Organic Chemistry extending to various chemistry fields such as nanochemistry, polymer chemistry, environmental chemistry, electrochemistry, analytical chemistry, photochemistry, bio-materials, surface chemistry and so on. In addition, the on-going research projects of the department include both basic and applied research. The research of the department has been collaborating with other recognized as well reputed government scientific institutions and public universities and multidisciplinary research has been practicing. The department has the number of ten faculty members where three of them have been pursuing Ph.D in aboard. The number of officers and employees working in this department are 2 and 3, respectively. The department offices and laboratories are situated in the old academic building.

Our Vision

To gain in prominence through academic prowess, quality education, research and collaborative works in chemistry for the betterment of the globe.

Our Mission

  • To provide innovative learning environment that better prepares students for their future career and beyond.
  • To develop more effective and efficient chemistry pedagogy embracing cutting- edge technology.
  • To explore newer avenues for research opportunities in life, medical, energy and environmental sciences.
  • To foster collaborative research with industry, academic and research institutions to help solve relevant problems.