Computer Center takes a lot of steps to enhance the educational and research work of this university. It stands at 3rd floor of academic building holding 2300 square feet space. It works for education and training sector from starting. These activities also extend to outside of this university.

  • Quantity of Computer: At present Computer Center has one one Web Server. Computer Center has a lab with 30 above PCs which use for student. All PCs of the Computer Center connected with a large network. All PCs are connected with Internet line.
  • Educational Activities: Practical classes of this university students are held at Computer Center lab. Here 30 above high configured PCs are connected with sever and Internet line. A multimedia projector also use for lecture.
  • Research Activities: University students, faculty members and officers always study and research various subject at Computer Center.
  • Internet Service: Computer Center provides Internet Service to whole University (Residential Halls) by Fiber Optic Cable (93 Mbps) of BTCL. At present from Sunday to Thursday Computer Center is open from 8am to 8pm when university class is continued and 8am to 4pm when university class in close. Computer Center provides Network facilities to whole University. Any faculty member can get Internet support from Computer Center. Any university student can use internet at Computer Center and Residential Hall. Faculty members and officers also can use internet at Computer Center.
  • E-mail Service: Computer Center maintains an e-mail server and provides e-mail service for faculty member and officer of this university.
  • Website Service: Computer Center design, edit and update university website. That is www.duet.ac.bd
  • Software Service: A good software collection has at Computer Center which is use for educational activities and research work.
  • Hardware Service: Computer Center provides troubleshooting support to all computer and peripherals of this university. It also provides hardware and software support.
  • Training: Computer Center offer various hardware and software related short courses. University student, faculty member and officer get extra facilities about these courses. University faculty members act as trainer of these courses.
  • Seminar: Computer Center organizes various computer and IT related seminar. University faculty member, officer and student attend on these seminars.
  • User: University students, faculty members and officers are main user of Computer Center.
  • ID card prepare: Computer Center work for Students, faculty members, officers and employees ID card and store their data base.
  • Manpower: At present 3 officers and 4 employees always work to provide service from Computer Center.