Dr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman

Associate Professor, Department of ME, Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology, Gazipur

Ph.D (Australia), M.Sc. (DUET,Gazipur), B.Sc. (DUET,Gazipur).

Office Address: Room # 430, Old Academic Building

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Degree University Year Discipline
M.Sc. Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET), Gazipur 2015 Materials Science
B.Sc. Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET), Gazipur 2005 Thermal Engg
Undergraduate Courses
  • Measurement & Quality Control (ME-4301)
  • Machine Tool & Tools Engineering (ME-4303)
  • Production Process (ME-3301)
  • Power Plant Engineering (ME-4505).
Post-Graduate Courses
  • Advanced Numerical Analysis
Name Topic
Field of Specialization Material Science and Thermal Engineering
Research Interest Material Science and Renewable Energy
Year & Duration Designation Scope of Works Company/Institute/University
21 December 2013 ~ Present Assistant Professor, Dept. of ME Teaching and Research Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET), Gazipur
02 December 2012 ~ 20 December 2013. Lecturer, Dept. of ME Teaching and Research Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET), Gazipur
26 October 2010 ~ 01 December 2012 Assistant General Manager PRAN-RFL Group
17 November 2009 ~ 25 October 2010 Plant Manager Kazi Farms Group
25 June 2009 ~ 16 November 2009 Assistant Engineer Titas Gas Transmission & Distribution Co. Ltd
16 July 2006 ~ 5 May 2009 Assistant Manager, ME Bangladesh Sugar & Food Industries Corporation
05 June 2005 ~ 15 June 2006 Production Engineer Kazi Farms Group
Type Title
Journal Publications
  • Design  and  Optimization  of  radial  flow  heat  sink  under  free  convection  at  steady  state  condition”  M.  M.  Rahman, Shuba  Vardhan  R.N,  H.Bhowmik  and  S.Talukdar,  International Journal  Of  Thermal  and  Environmental  Engineering  (Accepted  and  viewing  as  Upcoming issue), June, 2016.
  • “Improving  oxidation  stability  and  NOx  reduction  of  bio  diesel  blends  using  aromatic  and synthetic antioxidant in a light duty diesel engine”  M.M Rashed, M.AKalam, H.H Masjuki, M. Habibullah,H.K  Imdadul,  M.M.  Rahman  ,  ELSEVIER,  Journal  of  Industrial  Corps  and  Products (Accepted), May-2016.
  • “Effects  of  Acetylene  on  deposition  rate  of  stainless  steels  using  thermal  chemical  vapor deposition”  M. M. Rahman,  S. Talukdar,  Mohammad Asaduzzaman Chowdhury,R. Khan, A.A. Masum, S. Talukdar, N. Islam  The Journal Of  Engineering Research in Africa,  ISSN:1663-4144, Vol. 23, pp 7-12 , April -2016.
  • Property development of fatty acid methyl ester from waste coconut oil as engine fuel.   M.M. Rashed, M.A. Kalam, H.H. Masjuki  , H.K. Imdadul, M.M. Shahin  , M.M. Rahman  ,  M.H. Monir  ,ELSEVIER, Journal of Industrial Corps and Products (Accepted) April-2016.
  • Study of the oxidation stability and exhaust emission analysis of Moringa olifera biodiesel in a multi-cylinder diesel engine with aromatic amine antioxidants  M.M. Rashed , H.H. Masjuki , M.A.  Kalam ,  Abdullah  Alabdulkarem   ,  M.M.  Rahman    ,  H.K.  Imdadul  ,  H.K.  Rashedul  ,ELSEVIER, Journal of Renewable Energy 94 (2016) 294-303.
  • “Deposition  Rates  on  Stainless  Steel  Substrates  of  Different  Roughnesses  under  Different Operating  Conditions  Using  Thermal  CVD”  Rahman,  M.M.,  Chowdhury,  M.A.,  Nuruzzaman, D.M,  Kowser,  A.,  Roy,  B.K,  International  Journal  of  Surface  Science  and  Engineering, vol.10,no.3, Page 282-302, 2016.
  • Experimental investigation on friction coefficient of composite materials sliding against SS 201 and  SS  301  counterfaces  Dewan  Muhammad  Nuruzzaman,  Mohammad  Asaduzzaman Chowdhury,  Md.  Mostafizur  Rahman,  Md.  Arefin  Kowserand  Biplov  Kumar  Roy,  Procedia Engineering, ELSEVIER, 2015. Page 6 of 10
  • “Erosion  Characteristics  of  Teflon  under  Different  Operating  Conditions”  Uttam  Kumar Debnath,  Mohammad  Asaduzzaman  Chowdhury,  Dewan  Muhammad  Nuruzzaman,  Md. Mostafizur  Rahman,  Biplov  Kumar  Roy,  Md.  Arefin  Kowser  and  Md.  Monirul  Islam  Journal  of Polymer Engineering, 2015
  • “Frictional Behavior of Polymers Sliding Against Smooth andRough Mild Steel Counter Faces”Mohammad  Asaduzzaman  Chowdhury,  Dewan  Muhammad  Nuruzzaman,  Md.  Arefin Kowser,  Md. Mostafizur Rahman,  Biplov Kumar Roy, Soma Chakraborty, Sagir Hossen, Imam Uddin and Selim Hossain, Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, Vol. 21, pp. 477-486, 2014
  • “Sliding Friction of Steel Combinations”  Mohammad A. Chowdhury, Dewan M. Nuruzzaman, Md.  Arefin  Kowser,  Md.  MostafizurRahman,  Biplov  K.  Roy,  Soma  Chakraborty,  Md.  Didarul Islam, Md.  Aktaruzzaman , Nurmohammad. ,    Open Mechanical Engineering  Journal.  Vol. 8, pp. 364-369, 2014.
  • “Experimental  Investigation  of  Friction  Coefficient  and  Wear  Rate  of  Different  Sliding  Pairs”Mohammad Asaduzzaman Chowdhury, Dewan Muhammad Nuruzzaman, Biplov Kumar Roy, Md  Mostafizur  Rahman,  Md  Shahin  Mia,  Md  Rashed  Mia,  Shazib  Bhumik ,  World  Applied Sciences Journal 28(5): 608-619, 2013
Conference Proceedings
  • “Design and Fabrication of Pump test Rig and Performance Analysis of Submersible (Domestic type) Pump ” M.  M.  Rahman,  M.  A.  Kowser,  M.  K.  Khalil,  M.  Islam,  S. Reaza,  A.  Rahman,  A.  Islam,R.  Alam,  S.  Rana Proceedings of the 15th Annual Paper Meet, Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB), February 07-08,2014
  • “Friction  Coefficient  and  wear  Rate  of  Polymer  and  composite  materials  sliding  against  smooth  Stainless steel  counterfaces”  Chowdhury,  M.A.,  Islam  K.N.  ,  Roy  B.K.,  Rahaman  M.M.,  and  Chakraborty,  M.S.,International  Conference  on  Physics  for  energy  and  environment,  Dhaka,   Bangladesh  Physical  Society, Banglades,2014
  • “Enhancement of Higher Evaporating Temperature of Household Refrigerator Using Phase change Materia” Md. Imran Hossen Khan; Hasan.M.M. Afroz; Md. Mostafizur Rahman International Conference on Mechanical, Industrial and Material Engineering (ICMIME2013), RUET, Bangladesh, November 01 -03, 2013.
Topic Info
  • Philosophical Doctorate (Ph.D): 
  • Post-Graduate Supervision (Completed):
  • Undergraduate Supervision: 06 (Aprox.)