Mr. Md. Delwar Hossain

Assistant Professor, Department of TE, Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology, Gazipur

M.Sc. in Apparel manufacturing (BUTEX, Bangladesh) & B.Sc. (DUET, Gazipur).

Office Address: Room #2019, New Academic Building

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Degree University Year Discipline
M.Sc. Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX) , Bangladesh 2015 Textile Engineering(Apparel manufacturing)
B.Sc. Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology(DUET) 2010 Textile Engineering
Undergraduate Courses
  • TE-3401: Apparel  Manufacturing Engineering-I(Theory)
  • TE-3402 : Apparel  Manufacturing Engineering-I(Sessional)
  • TE-3403: Apparel  Manufacturing Engineering-II(Theory)
  • TE-3404: Apparel  Manufacturing Engineering-II(Sessional)
  • TE-4401: Advanced Apparel Manufacturing Engineering-I(Theory)
  • TE-4402: Advanced Apparel Manufacturing Engineering-I(Sessional)
  • TE-4403: Advanced Apparel Manufacturing Engineering-II(Theory)
  • TE-4404: Advanced Apparel Manufacturing Engineering-II(Sessional)
  • TE-3600: Application of computer in Textile-II(Sessional)
Post-Graduate Courses
Name Topic
Field of Specialization Apparel manufacturing and fashion design
Research Interest Sustainability in garments dyeing and washing, green process, process modification of garments manufacturing, lean manufacturing, Recycling of garments waste.
Year & Duration Designation Scope of Works Company/Institute/University
06/12/2015 ~ Present Assistant Professor, Dept. of TE Teaching, Advising & Conducting Research to undergraduate students Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET), Gazipur
02/12/2012 ~ 05/12/2015 Lecture, Dept. of TE Teaching ,Advising & Conducting Research to undergraduate students Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET), Gazipur
02/02/2011 ~ 01/12/2012 Lecture, Dept. of Apparel Manufacturing and Design Course Co-ordinator, Teaching & Conducting Research to undergraduate students. National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research (NITER) former TIDC, Saver
01/10/2010 ~ 01/02/2011 Lecture, Dept. of TE Course Co-ordinator, Teaching & Conducting Research to undergraduate students. Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology,Dhaka ,Bangladesh
16/06/2010 ~ 30/09/2010 Textile Engineer Production Follow-up. Intramex Textile Ltd, Laksmipur, Gazipur, Bangladesh
Type Title
Journal Publications
  • Muhammad Abdur Rashid and Md Delwar Hossain. “An Approach to Overcome the Uneven Shade Problem of Compact Knitted Fabric with Reactive Turquoise Dye.” Universal Journal of Applied Science. Vol. 3 No. 3: pp. 26-30, 2015,USA.
  • Dr. Md. Abdus Shahid, Md. Delwar Hossain , Md. Nakib-Ul-HasanComparative Study of Ring and Compact Yarn-Based Knitted Fabrics Procedia Engineering , ELSEVIER, Vol. 90 ,pp. 154-159, 2014(Scopus indexed )
  • Mashiur Rahman Khan, Zulhash Uddin and Delwar Hossain “Eco-Sustainable Process Development for Indigo Dye by Using Natural Reducing Agents” Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research. 22 (7): pp.1090-1095,2014,UAE(Scopus and ISI indexed)
  • Md. Delwar Hossain , Muhammad Abdur Rashid , Md. Abdullahil Kafi , Mr. Forkan Sarker (2014). Investigation on Physical Properties of Fluorescent Dyed Cotton Knit Fabric. Chemical and Materials Engineering, Vol 2 No. 5, pp. 101-105, 2014
  • Muhammad Abdur Rashid, Md. Delwar Hossain, Md. Abdullahil Kafi, Sabina Yesmin, Process Modification of Denim Garments Dyeing with Fluorescent Dye, International Journal of Textile Science, Vol. 3 No. 2, pp. 33-37,2014,USA
  • Muhammad Abdur Rashid, Md. Delwar Hossain, Muhammad Mufidul Islam, Md. Nakib-Ul-Hasan “Evaluation of Economical and Ecological Aspects of Denim Garments Dyeing with Fluorescent Dye” Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering,Vol.1 No.7 pp.1-6 ,2013,USA .
  • Rashid, M. M. A., Hossain, M. D., Nakib-Ul-Hasan, M., & Islam, M. A. “Evaluation of Effective Jute Dyeing Process with Basic Dye And Reactive Dye”. International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, Vol. 2No. 9 pp.525-528 ,2013,India.
Conference Proceedings
  • Dr. Md. Abdus Shahid, Md. Delwar Hossain , Md. Nakib-Ul-Hasan, “COMPARATIVE STUDY OF RING AND COMPACT YARN-BASED KNITTED FABRICS”,ICME-2014,BUET
Topic Info
  • Philosophical Doctorate (Ph.D): 
  • Post-Graduate Supervision (Completed): 
  • Undergraduate Supervision:  07 (3 groups)
Paper Setter
  • External Paper Setter, Examiner  of University of Dhaka (BTEC)
  • External Paper Setter of Department of Textile Engineering, Mawlana Bhasani Science & Technology University.
Training Experience
  • Training on “Developing your Own Brand and Marketing Strategy” conducted by Dr Lynne Hammond and Dr Julia Gaimster, London College of Fashion, London.
  • Training on “New Method of Application on Clothing Technology for Production Area and Technology Area” conducted by International Expert of UNIDO.
  • Training on “Textile Quality Management and Textile Testing” by Prof. Dr Marie-Louise Klotz, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science, Germany.
  • Training Workshop on “Technical Textiles” conducted by Dr Subhash Anand, University of Bolton, UK.
  • Training on “Effective Techniques for Fabric Dyeing and Finishing” Conducted by Mr. Jim Park, Coloration Consultant, Park International, UK.
  • Training on “Current development in the field of Technical & Medical Textiles”  conducted by Dr Subhash Anand, University of Bolton, UK.
  • Certified DWA Trainer in the Water Sector, GIZ Bangladesh.
  • Training on Apparel CAD system by Studio Next BD.