DUET Journal

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Volume 4, Issue 1, December 2018

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01 Flexural Strengthening of RC Beams with Near Surface Mounted Reinforcing Steel Bars
M. N. Mobin and M. M. Hoque
02 Factors Attributing to the Service Quality of Railway Station in Bangladesh
M. R. Islam, S. Barua, N. Anwari and M. S. Hoque
03 Microcontroller based Power Factor Improvement by using Switched Single Capacitor
M. R. Ahmed, M. H. K. Khan and A. K. Karmaker
04 Performance Improvement using Optimal Thread Allocation Algorithm in Multicore Processor
M. A. Rouf, M. S. Islam, M. A. Hossen, Rakib M. Ali
05 NLP-based Automatic Answer Script Evaluation
M. M. Rahman, F. H. Siddiqui
06 A Case Study of the Impact of Economic Status on the Existing Settlement’s Dwelling Patterns of the Nuclear Family of Garments Workers Living in Konabari, Gazipur, Bangladesh
M. Arifuzzaman and K. M. Ulil Amor Bin Zaman
07 Working Environment Strategies and Policies to Increase the Working Efficiency of RMG Workers of Bangladesh
K. M. U. Amor Bin Zaman, M. Arifuzzaman and N. A. Trina
08 Quality Analysis of Fruits, Vegetables and Fish Available in Local Market of Southern Districts in Bangladesh
R. Sultana, R. Ahmmed, M. J. Khan, M. S. Hoque, A. A. Sabuj
09 Socio-economic Status of Fruits, Vegetables and Fish Businessmen of Southern Districts in Bangladesh
R. Ahmmed, R. Sultana, M. J. Khan, M. S. Hoque, A. A. Sabuj
10 Human Rights: Some Basic Issues and Roles of State and Non-state Entities
M. F. Haque
11 An Analysis of Division-wise Employment Patterns in Bangladesh: Decent Work Perspective
M. M. Ullah
12 All in One 01-94