Department of Industrial and Production Engineering Industrial and Production Engineering Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE)

Industrial and Production Engineering is one of the promising engineering departments with lot of potentiality, which aims to produce potential IPE graduates and to serve the nation. Bangladesh is a rising country in the world economy with rapid growth in the industrial sector. However, there is lack of efficient engineers in the industries and companies which lead to waste of huge labor force and the valuable resources of the country. If the systems and processes could be optimized considering all the resources and surroundings, then it would be possible to achieve prosperity with a more greener and livable world with less entropy and wastage. The knowledge of the industrial engineers can contribute to formulate or optimize a process or a system which will provide the expected output with less environmental chaos. The purpose of the IPE department at DUET is to produce smart and knowledgeable industrial engineers with leadership quality who will be capable to cope up with the world’s latest technologies and systems in our national industries and to create an environment of innovation with enough research facilities to solve the industrial problems existing in factories and organizations with sophisticated solutions.

Graduate Career Options:

The latest trend of the industries and organizations is to optimize the output of the production or service with eco-friendly attitude which only can be achieved and ensured only by the industrial engineers. The IPE engineers have to gain the knowledge of social science, health hazards, industrial safety, human factors along with engineering learning’s which provide them many options and possibilities in the job sectors to flourish their skill and creativity such as manufacturing, production engineering, product design, automated system design that includes job and process design, plant scheduling, supply chain management which deals with all information flows regarding the production of the products or services, vendor or supplier selection and procurement, etc.. IPE graduates also have to deal with operation management, inventory control, quality control, and productivity control related works. Moreover, there are some emerging sectors such as hospital, universities research sectors, industrial Research & Development departments, theme parks, and various training organizations which provide excellent career opportunities. IPE graduates are capable of dealing with activities where both managerial and technical skills are required. As a result, they can create their positions at any kind of organizations promisingly.

Research Field:

Advanced Manufacturing and Machining Process, Production Process and Optimization, Probability and Statistics, Operation Research, Automated System Design, Logistics and Supply Chain Engineering, Sustainable Systems Engineering, Computer Aided Process Planning, Inventory Management, Material Management, Facility Layout Design, Quality Control and Assurance, Product Design and Development, Process simulation and Optimization, Ergonomic Design and Applications, Health Hazards and Industrial Safety, System and Process Maintenance, Human Resource Development, including the faculties concerned research areas.

Our Vision

To be a center of excellence for quality education, research and innovation in industrial and production engineering to address the emerging challenges.

Our Mission

  • To provide conducive environment for outcome-based education and research in industrial and production engineering.
  • To produce competent graduates with practical knowledge, skills and ethical values towards achieving national goals for socio-economic development.
  • To promote collaborative research with universities, production organizations and industries for innovative development in manufacturing.
  • To offer advisory services for solving emerging challenges related to the fields at national as well as international level.