Personal Information of Nayeem Md. Lutful Huq



Nayeem Md. Lutful Huq


Assistant Professor


Mechanical Engineering

Office Address

Building: Old Academic Building
Room#: 115A


Contact Information

Email at lutful at
Alternate Email: lutful at
Mobile: +8801738422616

Educational Qualifications

Degree University Country Year Field
M.Sc. BUET Bangladesh 2007 Applied Mechanics
B.Sc. RUET Bangladesh 2000 (Held in 2003)

Field of Specialization

Applied Mechanics, Robotics.

Research Interest

Hyper redundant robots.

Career Profile
(Job Profile)

Lecturer, Mar 2004 to Dec 2007, DUET, Gazipur, Bangladesh.
Asstt. Prof., Dec 2007 till date, DUET, Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Courses Taught
(Course Code and Title only)

Undergraduate Level: Control Engineering, C++, Machine Tools and Tool Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Drawing, Automobile Engineering.
Postgraduate Level: Energy Engineering.

Thesis Supervision
(Number of Students)

B.Sc.:  20

Publication List (IEEE format)
(Year-wise publication List)


Khan, R., Billah, M., Huq, N., Helmi, M., & Ahmmed, S. (2014). Investigation on Data Extraction Trends for Snake Robot. Procedia Computer Science, 42, 145-152.

Khan, M., Huq, N., Billah, M., & Ahmmad, S. (2013). Design and Development of Mopping Robot-‘HotBot’. IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng., 53, 012008.
Huq, N. & Shuriye, A. (2013). Technological Co-Operation and Contribution among OIC Members with Special Reference to Bangladesh and Iraq. Journal Of Educational And Social Research.

Huq, N. M. L., & Afsar, A. M. (2012). A Mathematical Model for the Analysis of Elastic Field in a Stiffened Cantilever of Laminated Composite. Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 4, 170704.

Afsar, A., Huq, N., Mirza, F., & Song, J. (2010). Solution to Elasticity Problems of Structural Elements of Composite Materials. Journal Of The Korean Society For Composite Materials, 23(3), 19-30.

Afsar, A., Huq, N., & Song, J. (2009). Analytical solution to a mixed boundary value elastic problem of a roller-guided panel of laminated composite. Archive Of Applied Mechanics, 80(4), 401-412.


1. Song, J., Afsar, A., & Huq, N. (2009). Displacement Potential Solution to Elastic Field in A Stiffened Cantilever of Laminated Composite. In ICCM-17 17th International Conference on Composite Materials. Edinburgh, UK.

1. Song, J., Huq, N., Afsar, A., Wang, Y., & Shi, Y. (2008). Huq, N. M. L., Afsar, A. M., Wang, Y. Q., Shi, Y., & Song, J. I. Displacement Potential Approach for Analyzing Elastic Field in Roller Guided Laminated Composite Panels. In The 4th International Conference on Advances in Structural Engineering and Mechanics, Jeju, Korea.

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