Personal Information of Md. Sultan Mahmud

Name Md. Sultan Mahmud
Designation Assistant Professor
Department EEE
Office Address Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Building: SSNIAB

Room#: 4023
PABX Ext.:3083

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Educational Qualifications Degree University Country Year Field
M.Sc. Engg. BUET Bangladesh 2014 Electrical and   Electronic Engineering ( Major Wireless Communication)
B.Sc. Engg. DUET Bangladesh 2010 Electrical and   Electronic Engineering
Research Interest: EEG, fMRI signal processing, Neuroimaging, and Machine learning
Career Profile

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Lecturer from 1st October 2011 to 2nd June 20 12, Eastern University, Dhaka.
Lecturer from 3rd June 2012 to 28th June 20 14, DUET, Gazipur-1700
Assistant Professor from 29th  June 2014  to date, DUET, Gazipur
Courses Taught

(Course Code and Title only)

Undergraduate Level:  Telecommunication –I (EEE-4201),  Telecommunication –I  Sessional (EEE-4202) Electronics-I (EEE-2501), Electronics-I Sessional (EEE-2502), Electronics-II (EEE-3501),  Electronics-II Sessional (EEE-3501), Electronics-III (EEE-3503), Electronics-III Sessional (EEE-3504),
Postgraduate Level: Data Communication and Computer Networks (EEE-6902) Advanced multimedia Communication (EEE-6906)
Thesis Supervision

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B.Sc.: 06
Publication List (IEEE format)

(Year-wise publication List)



1.   M. S. Mahmud, and M. F. Uddin, “Mitigating Unfairness Problem in WLANs Caused by Asymmetric Co-channel Interference,” Int. J. of Mobile Communications, Vol. 16, No. 3, 2018.  10.1504/IJMC.2018.091385  (Thompson Reuters Impact Factor: 0.765 for Year 2015/2016)


2.   M. F. Uddin and M. S. Mahmud, “Carrier Sensing based Medium Access Control Protocol for WLANs Exploiting Successive Interference Cancellation” IEEE transaction on Wireless Communication (TWC), vol.16, no. 6, pp. 4120-4135, June 2017. 10.1109/TWC.2017.2692221  (Thompson Reuters Impact Factor: 4.951 for Year 2016) (selected for “UGC Gold Medal Award-2017”)


3. M. Nasir, M. M. Rashid, M. Parvez, M. S. Mahmud, SZ Ahmed, NA Nithe, JI Rony, MT Rahman “Two Degree-Of-Freedom Camera Support System.” Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology16.1 (2016).

Conferences procedings:


1. M. S. Mahmud, M. Yeasin, D. Shen, S. R.  Arnott, C. Alain, & G. M. Bidelman, (2018, December). What brain connectivity patterns from EEG tell us about hearing loss: A graph theoretic approach. Proceeding of 10th International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (ICECE). IEEE, 2018.

2. F. Ahmed, M. S. Mahmud, and M. Yeasin (2018, September). “An Interactive Device for Ambient Awareness on Sidewalk for Visually Impaired”. 4th IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2). IEEE, 2018.

3. F. Ahmed, M. S. Mahmud, R. A. Fahad, S. Alam, and M. Yeasin (2018, April). “Image Captioning for Ambient Awareness on a Sidewalk.” In Data Intelligence and Security (ICDIS), 2018 1st International Conference on, pp. 85-91. IEEE, 2018.


4. M. S. Mahmud, and M. F. Uddin, “Improvement of Throughput Fairness in IEEE 802.11 Based WLANs Using Successive Interference Cancellation,” IEEE-ICTP, 26-28 December, 2015 (Received Best Paper Award).

 5. M. N. Uddin, M Parvez, M Rashid, M F M Elias, M M Sultan “Hybrid Fuzzy and PID Controller Based Inverter to Control Speed of AC Induction Motor,” ICEEE, 04-06 November, 2015.


6. M. S. Mahmud, and M. F. Uddin, “Unfairness Problem in WLANs due to Asymmetric Co-channel Interference and Its Mitigation,” in proc. International Conference on  Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT)-2013, Khulna (Bangladesh), 8-10 March, 2014.

3. Md. Sultan Mahmud, and Md. Forkan  Uddin, “Unfairness Problem in WLANs due to Asymmetric Co-channel Interference and Its Mitigation,” in proc. International Conference on  Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT)-2013, Khulna (Bangladesh), 8-10 March, 2014.