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Md. Rashed Mia


Assistant Professor


Mechanical Engineering


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Personal Webpage/site:  Google Scholar: M.M. Rashed

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Educational Qualifications

Degree University Country Year Field
M.Sc. University of Malaya Malaysia 2016 Renewable Energy
B.Sc. Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology Bangladesh 2013  Tribology

Field of Specialization:

Renewable Energy

Research Interest:

Renewable Energy, IC Engine

Career Profile
(Job Profile)

Feb-2016 – Feb-2018 working as a Lecturer in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at DUET.

2014-2015 working as a Lab Demonstrator at Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Malaya, Malayasia.

2014-2016 Working as a Research Assistant at Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University Malaya, Malaysia

Courses Taught
(Course Code and Title only)

Undergraduate Level: Heat Transfer, IC Engine (University of Malaya, Malaysia)

Publication List (IEEE format)
(Year-wise publication List)

  1. Rashed, M., Kalam, M., Masjuki, H., Habibullah, M., Imdadul, H., Shahin, M., & Rahman, M. (2016). Improving oxidation stability and NO X reduction of biodiesel blends using aromatic and synthetic antioxidant in a light-duty diesel engine. Industrial Crops and Products, 89, 273-284. (ISI Q1)
  2. Rashed, M., Kalam, M., Masjuki, H., Mofijur, M., Rasul, M., & Zulkifli, N. (2016). Performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with palm, jatropha, and moringa oil methyl ester. Industrial Crops and Products, 79, 70-76. (ISI Q1)
  3. Rashed, M., Masjuki, H., Kalam, M., Alabdulkarem, A., Imdadul, H., Rashedul, H.,  Habibullah, M. (2016). A comprehensive study on the improvement of oxidation stability and NO x emission levels by antioxidant addition to biodiesel blends in a light-duty diesel engine. RSC Advances, 6(27), 22436-22446. (ISI Q1)
  4. Rashed, M., Masjuki, H., Kalam, M., Alabdulkarem, A., Rahman, M., Imdadul, H., & Rashedul, H. (2016). Study of the oxidation stability and exhaust emission analysis of Moringa olifera biodiesel in a multi-cylinder diesel engine with aromatic amine antioxidants. Renewable Energy, 94, 294-303. (ISI Q1)
  5. Rashed, M., Kalam, M. A., Masjuki, H. H., Rashedul, H. K., Ashraful, A. M., Shancita, I., & Ruhul, A. M. (2015). Stability of biodiesel, its improvement and the effect of antioxidant treated blends on engine performance and emission. RSC Advances, 5(46), 36240-36261. doi: 10.1039/C4RA14977G. (ISI Q1)
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    MM Shahin, MM Rashed, MH Monir, MA Chowdhury Journal of Mechanical and Mechanics Engineering 3 (1), 42-55
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27. Effect of aromatic amine antioxidants on emission characteristics with moringa biodiesel blend in a multi-cylinder diesel (mcd) engine. M.M.Rashed, M.A.Kalam, H.H. Masjuki, H.K.Imdadul, I.M.Monirul, M.H.Mosarof. ASEAN Engineering Journal (AUN/SEED-Net), 2015.

28. Performance Evaluation of Rice Bran and Moringa Blended Biodiesel in CI Engine. MA Wakil, MA Kalam, HH Masjuki, H Sajjad, M.M Rashed, HK Rashedul, Applied Mechanics and Materials 775, 147-151, 2015.

29. Tribological Characteristics of Tetrahedral (ta-C) DLC Coating in the Presence of Commercial Lubricating Oil.  KAH Al Mahmud, M.A. Kalam, M.F.M. Sabri, H.H. Masjuki, M.M. Rashed. Applied Mechanics and Materials 679, 25-29, 2014

Other Profile
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Reviewer:  RSC Advance (England), Renewable Energy (Elsevier), Biofuels (Taylor and Francis) , Journal of Agriculture (USA), Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (Elsevier), Energy & Fuels, Fuel (Elsevier), Journal of Cleaner Production (Elsevier), ASTM, Tribology International (Elsevier), Industrial Crops and Products (Elsevier), Energy Conversion and Management (Elsevier), Inderscience, Industrial Lubrication and Tribology,