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Md. Abdul Hannan


Associate Professor


Textile Engineering

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Building: SSNIAB
Room # 2007
PABX Ext.: 4223


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Educational Qualifications







University of  Dhaka



Textile Chemistry
(Dept. of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engg.)


University of Boras



Textile Technology


University of  Dhaka



Textile Technology

Field of Specialization:

Wet Processing Engineering

Research Interest:

Formaldehyde free finishing of textile, enzyme application on textiles, energy saving and eco-friendly approaches in textiles, natural dyeing without mordants, garments fading by natural sources, knit denim washing.

Career Profile
(Job Profile)

Aug/2014-Present Associate Professor
Department of Textile Engineering DUET
Nov/2006 – Aug/2014 Assistant Professor
Department of Textile Engineering
June/2004 – Nov/2006 Chief Instructor and Head Department of Clothing and Garments Finishing
Govt. Technical School and College, Natore
Sep/2002 –  June/2004 Instructor and Superintendent in-charge
Govt. Textile Vocational Institute, Jessore
Nov/1999 – Sep/2002 Instructor
Govt. Textile Vocational Institute, Rajshahi
Oct/1999 – Nov/1999 Production Officer (Quality Control and Lab)
Sinha Textile Mills Ltd., Narayanganj

Courses Taught
(Course Code and Title only)

Undergraduate Level: Wet Processing Engineering-II (TE-3303),
Advanced Wet Processing Engineering-III(TE-4301), Advanced Wet Processing Engineering-IV(TE-4303), Fabric Structure and Design(TE-4201), Maintenance of Wet Processing Machinery (Sessional)
Postgraduate Level: Research Methodology

Thesis Supervision
(Number of Students)

M.Sc.: Continuing-02. Degree awarded-02
B.Sc.: Continuing-08. Degree awarded-24
Others: Textile Talent Hunt (National Competition)-03(3rd Position, 2010; 2nd Position, 2012; 2nd Position, 2013)

Publication List (IEEE format)
(Year-wise publication List)

1. Abu Naser Md Ahsanul Haque, M A Hannan,  Md Masud Rana, “Compatibility analysis of reactive dyes by exhaustion-fixation and adsorption isotherm on knitted cotton fabric”,Fashion and Textiles, Vol. 2, Issue.3, pp.1-12, 2015

2. Mohhamad Zakaria, Mohhamad Mozammel, Abdul Hannan, Mashud Ahmed,”Effect of jute yarn on the mechanical behavior of concrete composites”,SpringerPlus 2015, 4:731.

3. Md. Abdul Hannan, Md. Mazedul Islam, S. M. Fijul Kabir, Shamsuzzaman  Sheikh, Md. Abdullahil Kafi, “Effect of Yarn Count & Stitch   Length on Shrinkage, Gsm and Spirality of Single Jersey Cotton Knit Fabric”, European Scientific Journal,Vol.10, Issue.36, 2014.

4. Md. Abdul Hannan, Shamsuzzaman  Sheikh,  S. M.  Fijul Kabir, Md. Alamgir Hossain, Md. Abdur Rouf, “Scope of Knit Denim Products Using Reactive Dye and Convenient Washing Effects”, International Journal of Recent Development in Engineering and Technology,Vol.3, Issue 5, November, 2014.

5. M.A. Hannan, M. Zakaria, A.H. Bhuiyan, S. Khandaker, “Comparative Study of Chemically and Mechanically Singed Knit Fabric”, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, Vol. 3, Issue.3, pp.675-679, 2014

6. Bhuiyan, M.A.R., Kafi, M.A & Hannan, M.A., “Treatment of Cotton Fabric with Chitosan- an Initiative for salt free dyeing”, Journal of BUFT , Vol-1, Issue-1, 2014.

7. Hannan, M.A., Zahir, L., Zakaria, Mohammad, Bhuiyan, A.H., “Modification of bioscouring process by addition of cellulase enzyme with conventional pectinase”, ARPN Journal of Science and Technology, Vol.3, Issue.12, pp.1132-1139, 2013.

8. M.A.Rahman Bhuiyan, Abu Shaid, M.M.Bashar, P.Haque, M.A.Hannan, “A Novel Approach of Dyeing Jute Fiber with Reactive Dye after Treating with Chitosan”, Open Journal of Organic Polymer Materials, Vol 3, Issue 4, pp.87-91, 2013.

9. Md. Palash Hossain , Md. Abdul Hannan, “Reactive Dyeing of Cotton Goods without Bleaching – A Move Towards Cost-Effective Greener Process”, Bangladesh Textile Today,Vol.6, Issue.2,
pp.45-48, 2013
10. Abu Shaid, Md. Showkat Osman, Md. Abdul Hannan, M. A. Rahman Bhuiyan, “Direct Reusing of Textile Wastewater in Scouring-Bleaching of Cotton Goods Devoid of Any Treatment”, International Journal of  Engineering Research and Development, Volume 5, Issue 8,  PP. 45-54, 2013.

11. M.A. Rahman Bhuiyan, A. Shahid, M.A. Hannan and Md. Abdullahil Kafi, “Effect of Sodium Hydroxide along with soda ash on fixation of deep shade”, Int. J. of Textile and Fashion  Technology,Vol.2, Issue.2, pp.11-21, 2012.

12. Bhuiyan, M.A.R., Shahid, M.A., Hannan, M.A. & Kafi, M.A, “Influence of Mixed Alkali on Fixation of Deep Shade on Single Jersey Cotton Fabrics with Reactive Dyes”, Journal of Chemical
Engineering, The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB), 27(1), 35-41, 2012.

13. Md. Abdul Hannan, “Developing formaldehyde free flame retardant for cellulose”, Borås Academic Digital Archive (BADA), 2011.7.4.

14. M.A. Shahid, F.Ahmed, A.K.M. Mahbubuzzaman, M.A.Hannan and A.N. Khan, “Spirality in cotton knit fabrics before and after compacting using selected yarn count and stitch length”,J. Innov. Dev.Strategy, Vol.4, Issue.2, pp.11-17,2010Conferences:

  1. N.C. Roy, M.A. Hannan, K.M.Uddin, M.N. Uddin, M.R Rana, “Recycling Garments Fabric Wastes”, International Conference on Recent Innovation in Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development(IICSD-2015).
  1. Shamsuzzaman Sheikh, S. M. Fijul Kabir, Md. Abdul Hannan, Ayub Nabi Khan, “Effect of Woven Fabric Structure on Dimensional Stability- A Lead Time Saving Approach for the Sustainability of Bangladeshi Woven Industries” International Integrative Research Conference on Governance in Transition: Perspective and Practice, December 18-19, 2015.
  1. Md. Abdul Hannan, “Synergistic effect of acidic catalysts for the cross linking of formaldehyde free durable flame retardant on cotton cellulose”, International Conference on Advances inFunctional Textiles ,18(1-7), 25-26 July, 2013, Manchester,UK. (
  1. Sabyasachi Gaan, Matthias Neisius, Abdul Hannan “Developments of Flame Retardants for Textiles”, 3rd-4th May, 2011, Germany.

National Seminar

  1. Md. Abdul Hannan, “Formaldehyde free flame retardant for cotton cellulose”, Seminar at Mawlana Bhasani Science and Technology University, 20th October, 2011.
  1. Md. Abdul Hannan, “Export possibility of Hometextile and Terry Towel & their challenges”, Seminar at Export Promotion Beauro, Kawranbazar, Dhaka, 16th  May, 2014

Research or other Academic Project

1. Application of Nanotechnology to obtain Self-Cleaning Properties on Textiles- Swedish School of Textiles, University of Boras, Sweden, 2010
2. Comparative study of dimensional   stability of knit fabric of different constructions and its effective control -Principal Researcher, University Grants Commission of Bangladesh, 2009
3. Reuse of textile wash water in   pretreatment process directly or with   minimum treatment -Co-researcher, ITN Centre, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, BUET, 2009

Other Profile
(Reviewer, chair, co-chair, editor, associate editor of journal or conferences or books)


  1. Journal of BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology, BUFT, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  1. Journal of Mawlana Bhasani Science and Technology University, Bangladesh
  2. Asian Journal of Engineering and Technology,
  3. Journal of SCIENCEDOMAIN international.