Personal Information of Professor Dr. Md. Shirazul Hoque Mollah


Dr. Md. Shirazul Hoque Mollah


Professor & Head


Department of Mathematics

Office Address

Building: Syed Nuzrul Islam Academic Building
Room # 3015
PABX Ext.: 5009


Contact Information

Alternate Email: mollah123 at
Mobile: 01715091879, 01839911602

Educational Qualifications

Degree University




Ph.D. University of Rajshahi



M. Phil/M.S Ibaraki University, Mito, Japan.



Applied Mathematics

M.Sc. University of Dhaka



Applied Mathematics

B.Sc. University of Dhaka



Undergraduate Level

Field of Specialization:

Special function & Integral transform, Operations Research

Research Interest:

Integral Analysis, Fluid Dynamics.

Additional Charge List
(Present Designation and Offices)

Professor & Head
Department of Mathematics

Courses Taught
(Course Code and Title only)

Undergraduate Level: Calculus, Differential Equations, Coordinate Geometry, Vector Analysis,  Fluid Dynamics, Linear Algebra

Thesis Supervision
(Number of Students)

Ph.D.: One
M.Sc.: One

Publication List (IEEE format)
(Year-wise publication List)

(i) Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam, Md. S. H. Mollah, Md. M. Alam and M. M. Parvez.  “Combined Effects of Stress Work on MHD Natural Convection Flow Along a Vertical Flat Plate with Power Law Variation of Surface Temperature”. Int.J.Scientific Research & Studies , Vol.1, No. 02.2015
(ii) Khairuzzaman Mamun, Most. Nasrin Akhter, Md. Shirazul Hoque Mollah, Md. Abu Naim Sheikh and Mohammad Ali. “Characteristics of pulsatile blood flow through 3-D geometry of arterial stenosis”. Procedia Engineering, Vol.105,pp. 877-884, 2015
(ii)  (i) Ahammad M. U., Rahman M. M., Rahman and M. L., Mollah S. H., “Interior Solid Block Study on Combined Convection Flow through Square Enclosure with a Hot Bottom Surface”, ARPN Journal of Science and Technology, Vol. 4, No. 3, pp. 167-174, 2014.
(ii) Md. S. Islam, Md. M. Alam, Md. S. H. Mollah and Md. R. Haque.  “Conjugate Effects of Temperature Dependent Thermal Conductivity and Viscous Dissipation on Magneto-Hydrodynamic Natural Convection Flow Along a Vertical Flat Plate with Heat Conduction. ISSN: 2319-8133, 2014, Volume 5(5):Pg 460-474.
(i) Md. Shariful Alam and  Md. Shirazul Hoque Mollah  “Influence of chemical Reaction and heat generation/absorption on MHD free convective heat  and mass transfer flow along an inclined stretching sheet considering Dufour and Soret effects  ”Asian Transactions on Basic & Applied Sciences” ATBAS, ISSN: 2221-4291, Volume 02 Issue 05, Page 1-10, Paper Code : ATBAS-60223017,  Date of Publication 11th November 2012.
(ii) Md. Shirazul Hoque Mollah and  Md. Shariful Alam  “ Influence of viscous dissipation  and chemical reaction on MHD free convective heat and mass transfer flow along a semi-infinite inclined  permeable stretching sheet”    IOSR Journal of Mathematics (IOSR-JM) ISSN: 2278-5728  Article id : 22045  Accepted, 05 November 2012.
(i) M. Zulfikar Ali and  Md. Shirazul Hoque Mollah,  “Computation of Interval Solution to Nonlinear Systems”, International Journal of Engineering and Interdisciplinary Mathematics,  ISSN :  0975-5322  Volume 3 Number 1,  January-June  2011, Page 11-16, India.
U. (  (ii) M. U. Ahammad  Md. Shirazul Hoque Mollah, Md. Obayedullah, “Solution of an Eigenvalue Problem using Trigonometric Interpolation by Finite Element Method” International Journal of Applied Mathematics & Statistics,  Int. J. Appl. Math. Stat.; Vol. 23; Issue No. D11; Year 2011, ISSN 0973-7545, Page 98-104.
(iii) M. U. Ahammad, Md. Shirazul Hoque Mollah, “Numerical study of MHD free convection flow and mass transfer over a stretching sheet considering Dufour & Soret effects in the presence of Magnetic Field” International Journal of Engineering & Technology IJET-IJENS Vol: 11 No: 05 Page 4-11.
(iv) Md. Shirazul Hoque Mollah  and  M. Zulfikar Ali “ Search for Safe Starting Regions to Compute Interval Solution to a Nonlinear Systems “International Journal of Mathematics and Computation” ISSN 0974-570X Vol. 13; No D11; Year 2011, Page 78-88.
(i) Md. Golam Sarwar Bhuyan, Md. Shirazul Hoque Mollah, Md. Nazmul Basher  “An Efficient Adaptive Multi-hop Routing Protocol to avoid congestion for Wireless Sensor Networks” 2010 Second Pacific-Asia Conference on Circuits, Communications and System (PACCS 2010),  978-1-4244-7968-9/10 ,©2010-IEEE, Page 315-318, IEEE Computer Society Publications and IEEE  Xplore, USA
(i) Md. Golam Sarwar Bhuyan, Md. Shirazul Hoque Mollah, Zemam Ahmad, Syed Maftahur Rahman, “A New Approach of Efficient Soft Handover Management for Proposed UMTS Network Architecture,” 2009 Second International Conference on Environmental and Computer Science, Dubai, 2009, ICECS, ISBN : 978-0-7695-3937-9 Page 353-355, IEEE Computer Society Publications and IEEE Xplore, USA.